Ancient Near East

National Museum of Antiquities

Permanent exhibition

Client: National Museum of Antiquities
Realization: 2013
Location: Leiden (NL)
Project was carried out by Guus and Koen during their employment at Ontwerpwerk

For Ancient Near East department of the National Museum of Antiquities, we designed and realized the permanent exhibition. The collection and the buildings’ architecture were the guiding pillars in the design process. Timeless shapes, colors and materials (oak, natural stone and glass) were chosen to ensure it will be wort visiting even in fifteen years from now.

Out of a sustainable point of view, we chose to re-use all available showcases and supplemented them with new, improved ones. The oak podiums enabled us to create well-framed themes and had the advantage of covering the rather looking technical bases of the showcases, revealing only the glass potion.