Cast Lead

Ingrid Rollema

Art Exhibition and Book

Client: Ingrid Rollema
Realization: 2012
Location: The Hague (NL), Brussels (BE)
Project was carried out by Guus during his employment at Ontwerpwerk

‘Cast Lead is an art initiative opposed to violence. Its weapons are the theatre, the arts and common sense. We aim to connect current manifestations of excessive violence to cities that, in the past, have been the target of horrific bombardments themselves and have found a way of commemorating these events in a special way.’

Within Ingrid Rollema’s initiative of Cast Lead, she and Guus Boudestein created an exhibition in which 1430 unique books were presented in an impressive installation. Every book represented one of the deceased individuals during operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Christmas 2008. All books float just a few centimetres above the ground and together they create the image of a military graveyard. The books are written in Dutch, Arabic and English. They contain a striking list of facts about the operation, such as the number of casualties on both sides of the conflict.[/column_one_half_last]