romans and etruscans

national museum of antiquities

Permanent exhibition

Client: National Museum of Antiquities
Realization: 2015
Location: Leiden (NL)

 After a mayor renovation, the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden was reopened in December 2015. In the meanwhile, we have designed and realized the new permanent presentation ‘Romans and Etruscans’. We were responsible for the interior as well as the graphic elements. The large statues of Roman emperors are the absolute eye-catcher of the exhibition. However, the rear side of this rounded display might be considered even more astonishing; ten busts of emperors installed on rounded wooden plinths in front of a 10 x 3 meter map of the expansion of Roman Empire. The existing columbarium was reinstalled on a new location, with improved lights and adjusted colors.

By using natural materials – oak, nature stone – in combination with well defined, although surprising shapes we have managed to put the focus entirely on the object.
To reduce the environmental impact of the exhibition, we have made a combination of reused showcases and new ones. By lowering the showcases into the ground surface, the old and new became visually almost identical.

About the presentation nothing but praise

Dirk Vlasblom - NRC

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Photography courtesy of Rijksmuseum van Oudheden