Sure Suriname

Arts and Crafts development project

Client: Designers at work
Realization: 2010 – 2016
Location: The Hague (NL), Paramaribo (SR)
Project was carried out by Guus and Koen during their employment at Ontwerpwerk

SURE Suriname is an initiative of Designers at Work foundation, together with Ontwerpwerk and VIDE. SURE Suriname is a result of several workshops about innovation and sustainability that Guus and Annop Fekkes gave to crafters in Suriname.

The ‘Suriname Table’ is a serie of products that were designed in The Netherlands on the basis of the Suriname culture and production skills. The products were exposed in The Hague and Rotterdam along with the work of some of the best artists of Suriname.

Ontwerpwerk_SureSuriname_05 copy